Open Data Standards - v1.0.2

Standards for sharing data between organizations. This is still work in progress. More refined version on the way.

1. Introduction

This data sharing standard is designed to guide organizations in securely and efficiently sharing data across different entities. It includes best practices for data governance, security, interoperability, and integration mediums.

2. Data Governance and Management

This section covers the essential policies and procedures for managing and governing data, ensuring its quality, compliance, and proper usage.

2.1 Data Policies

2.2 Data Stewardship

2.3 Compliance and Legal Requirements

3. Data Security

This section outlines the measures necessary to protect data from unauthorized access and breaches, focusing on encryption, access control, and data masking.

3.1 Encryption

3.2 Access Control

3.3 Data Masking and Anonymization

4. Interoperability and Standardization

This section discusses the importance of using standardized data formats, models, and schemas to ensure consistency and compatibility across systems.

4.1 Standardized Data Formats

4.2 Data Models and Schemas

4.3 Metadata Management

5. Data Integration Mediums

This section reviews the various methods for integrating data, such as APIs, ETL tools, data warehouses, and data marketplaces.

5.1 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

5.2 ETL/ELT (Extract, Transform, Load) Tools

5.3 Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

5.4 Data Marketplaces

6. Best Practices

This section provides recommendations for maintaining high data quality, effective documentation, continuous training, and performance monitoring.

6.1 Data Quality Management

6.2 Documentation and Communication

6.3 Training and Development

6.4 Performance Monitoring

7. Conclusion

By adhering to this data sharing standard, organizations can enhance their ability to share data securely, efficiently, and compliantly. This will foster a collaborative environment that maximizes the value of shared data and drives innovation across the board.

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